MaSafe hack:

Apple’s airline adapter will not recharge the battery. (don’t see why not)

I had searched the internet for a MagSafe adapter so I could use my old Kensington AC Anywhere adapter with it. I travel all the time and prefer to carry only one charger and a few tips. Kensington didn't have one (but was a help). I did find someone who sold hacked version for I think it was $79 (US) or $20 for the info to convert yourself. I though $20 was steep. So I rolled up my sleeves and dug into the AC adapter and MagSafe connector. This hack will allow the use of the Kensington AC Anywhere adapter with a Apple MacBook (and I see no reason why not a MacBook Pro) If you have an iGo adapter or other, you will need to find the correct tip and then plug/jack sizes to work with the iGo tip.

I assume NO responsibility for the accuracy of the following information and procedures. You assume ALL
responsibilitiy. I don't think Apple will honor the warranty if you do this hack.

This hack is ultra easy. Nothing fancy going on.
Materials needed:
  • Apple MagSafe AC adapter. (I bought a second to develop this, but youcan use the orig)
  • 5.5mm by 2.1 power plug (Type M. RadioShack# 274-1569)
  • 1 5.5mm by 2.1 power jack. (Type M)
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Kensington AC anywhere adapter with a N2 tip (falls a little short on voltage but works fine)
  • soldering iron and solder, wire stripper

The cable from the Apple AC adapter is coax with the shield/ground and the 16.7VDC through the center. (Yes, the MagSafe has 5 pins, but the 2 outside ones are ground/common, the 2 inner are +16.7VDC and the center I imagine is the signal from the laptop to light the little LED on the MagSafe connector). Obviously with this set up, it allows you to put the MagSafe to the laptop right-side up or upside down. So..... Cut the cable and use the power jack on the MagSafe side of the cable. Use the power plug on the Apple AC adapter side of the cable. I'll try to get some picks up. But if you need them, this project might be a bit over your head.