Was developed to make clips of the No Agenda Podcast to send to people who might be interested in the clips.
It will work for other podcasts and even MP3’s or any audio file in iTunes.
Mac OSX (I think anything over 10.4 should work), iTunes.
There are 3 programs, one as a stand alone (NoAgendaPodcastClipper) And two separate, and work differently scripts.


The ReadMe.txt:

No Agenda Podcast Clipper

In the morning to ya slave!

Use to make clips of podcasts (NOT the stream)
To use run the

When a part comes up you want to make a clip of click 'start' Once its done, click 'Stop'

You will be prompted to give the clip a name, and it will be saved to the #NA-Clips play list (which will be created if it doesn't exist)

While it is saving the clip it pauses the podcast and resumes once its finished doing its stuff.

Source is included. You can edit a couple of parameters:
BU how far back it will start the clip (default is 3 seconds)
NAC the name of the playlist to save to.

If you edit these values, remember to save as an app *also* to run without the applescript editor. & NoAgendaClipper
Two separate scripts. The Marker creates a small text file of the times for a bookmark and Clipper reads in that file and jumps to the location of the bookmark.

When listening to No Agenda, there are many times there is a good part you want to share. But it can be a chore to scroll through 2+ hours to find again. Thats where these two little programs come in. While listening open the and you will have a constant dialog box. When you hear a spot to bookmark, click mark. Continue as you listen. Then once the show is over, you can use the NoAgendaClipper. Fire it up and chose the show you want to replay at the bookmarks. You will be prompted to go to next clip.

The clip bookmarks files are saved on the desktop with show name/titles as shown in iTunes. They can be moved to a folder once done. If you like Source code is included (for both apps) so you can adjust as you like.

You can also send the saved clip file to a friend (and the mp3 and apps) and they can hear the parts you want them too and jump over the other stuff. (that might be too honest for their slave ears)

ToDo (maybes):
A 5 second (or so) prior to clip marking
A clip extractor
A Windows & Linux version