Serial Snort Version 0.5.1 beta
First the disclaimer: I assume NO responsibility for the use of this program. Use it at your own risk. I offer it for free, so keep in mind you get what you pay for. I wrote this for MYSELF, but thought it might be of use to others.

Ok, I wrote this to reverse engineer some stuff that is no longer supported and needed some new control/interfaces. This was made for use with a serial 'port sniffer' (basically to tap in and read the RS232 communications between two devices.)
First off, it starts at 9600,8,n,1 and no flow control. This can be changed on the fly but not saved. If your use requires other settings you will have to change the each time the program is run. (I may add saving of current settings and presets in the future)
On the main screen, select which serial port you care to use and then click .
Current port will echo this selection and settings will tell you the current serial port settings. will allow you to configure the com port (for current session only) local data allows you to add comments to the log. I put this in when I was deciphering stuff. Allowed me to add a comment on the Mac then work the device in question. (ie:what button I am hitting and the "machine's" coms.) will write what is in the local data box to log (and also to com port if your sniffer has interjection support if is checked) if is checked. The log can be copied, cut and pasted into the program of your choice. THERE IS NO PROVISION TO SAVE THE LOG. (possible future feature)

Yes, this is a down and dirty program.

Written by a bithead for bitheads. I hope its of use to *someone*. So if you find it of use drop me a note at ********************************************************************** Known bugs: v. 0.5.0 * Changing com parameters on the fly requires a and after changes * Upon opening, stop bits setting show 1.5 stop bits but 1 stop bit is what the program uses. ********************************************************************** Version History: v. 0.5.0 Initial release.