Android Apps

I enjoyed my iPhoney. Though being I got the second gen, the 3G, it was a MAJOR step backwards for me at the time. I was using the ‘old and antiquated’ Palm OS based Treo 680. At the time, the iPhone 3G out of the box was light years behind. It grew better over time, but I still will only call it a ‘clever-phone; not quite smart, or the coolest POS out there. The walled garden bothered me. The $99 a YEAR just for the privilege to write apps for myself was just insane.

In come an Android burner. Had a homebrew app on it with in days of getting the phone. and for FREE. (sure I gotta buy into the Android market, thats fine. But to use my own apps, free.)

ByCal - a cal/info app for Bystronic lasers. Offers atmospheric pressure (in millibar) using the GPS & Internet, LPR power calculation, Cheat sheets for dives, dip switches, etc.